Easy Up

easy-up-tam This morning I rode up Mt. Tam with the Dawn Patrol crew. We all felt like taking it easy up the mountain. I pushed it in a few sections just to keep my heart rate up as well as warm. It was pretty chilly out there. We made it as far as West Point Inn before dropping back down the way we came. We covered 40 some miles  and over 4,000' of climbing. I was prepared for much more, but it felt nice to come home and not feel like a zombie.

On the way back the guys showed me the infamous Tenderfoot descent. Littered with roots and drops it was really overwhelming having not done it before. Plus riding the relatively smooth fire roads of the Headlands hasn't kept my technical riding skills up to snuff. It reminded me a lot of the Sandy Ridge trails outside of Portland, OR. I'll definitely be coming back for that trail if I can find it.