Back to Tam

solo-tam-2 On my first ride back from my winter break in Detroit I climbed to the summit of Mt. Tam and back, putting in a real solid effort despite my cramping legs begging me to slow down some. I ignored their cries and kept pushing all the way to the top. 55 miles later and close to 8,000' climbed I was definitely cooked by the end of my ride.


It started out as a chilly day, but quickly warmed up once I got to the Headlands. However, it was chilly again once I was nearing the top of Mt. Tam. There was plenty of mud, too, but it only slowed my down a little bit. I was hungry for some speed.

On my way down I passed a rigid, single-speed rider who schooled me on the way down Coastal View. I was impressed with his handling skills and smooth lines down the single track.


It turned out to be a gorgeous day. I wish I had my new GoPro camera all set up, but I was happy to be outside and moving my legs.