Muddy Morning Laps

muddy-morning-laps Tomorrow we head out to Michigan for Christmas, so this morning I got in one last good ride around my new favorite spot atop Mt. Sutro. I wasn't the only one out on the muddy trails. I ran into a group of four riders, halfway through my third lap. I was psyched to see other riders early in the morning, getting muddy and having a blast.

It had rained the night before making the trails really soupy and slippery. I didn't mind it actually. I love having the whole trail to myself knowing I wouldn't run into runners or hikers. Each lap of my XC loop is almost 3 miles long with about 600' of climbing. Getting to know the trail network more I'm hoping to make the loop longer and harder, and eventually creating a segment combining the laps into one big ol' challenge.

I won't be on a bike for the next five days, but I'm hoping to get my running legs back to stay active in the meantime.