Cold Mountain Ascent

cold-tam-epic-5 Five strong souls started from the Golden Gate Bridge. 50 plus miles later, through cold and damp conditions, thousands of feet climbed and chilled to bone, we made it back. Just another Saturday. We rode Peter's Headland Heifer gentleman's race course, coming soon this winter. We had a solid crew all the way through.


Jeremy reaches the top of Miwok with strong form. He's looking to make the big leap from racing Cat 2 to Cat 1 this upcoming season. After dominating last season I think he's definitely ready to take on the big boys.


The top of Tam was so cold and covered in cloud. It dipped at around 41º by the time we reached the summit. I put in an all-out effort from the bottom of Deer Park to the top of mountain. I started to overheat halfway up.


I'm actually shivering in this shot, buy you can't really tell. We didn't hang out for too long as we were all freezing and ready to get our blood flowing.


After descending Tam and going up Middle Green Gulch, I looked back at where we just came from. The top still covered in thick clouds.


Austin giving the horns in approval.

I wasn't as wiped out on this ride as I was last weekend. I made sure I ate enough for breakfast and packed a lot of food, regardless of nutritional value, with me so I never got to that point of failure.