David's Last Dawn Patrol

My friend David is moving down south of Bay, making this morning's Dawn Patrol his last. I'm grateful to have met David, as he's been an excellent ambassador, guide and riding buddy ever since we moved to the Bay area. He will be missed in our morning crew.

We had a huge turnout this morning, eight riders total. The most I've seen for Dawn Patrol.

We weren't the only ones out that morning. We ran into two riders going up Miwok before dropping down to the horse stables. We were all accounted for except for Peter. David and I turned around and climbed back to the top, while the rest continued on the Marincello climb. Peter got a flat, and we cut across the top of the Heifer to meet back up with the group.

It's crazy to think about all the fun to be had before the day even starts. It's my way of clearing my head and keeping balance in life.