A River Runs Through It

I waited as long as I could for the storm to pass this morning. I'm pressed for time, having to do some weekend work then a dinner party later in the afternoon/evening. My ride started out fair, then the rain came and just dumped on me. Most of the trails I went down had a steady stream of water flowing through it.

It did clear up later on. The sky really opened up and the sun was shining. That's what I love about the Bay area. Typically it doesn't storm for days straight, unlike the Pacific Northwest where it's a constant overcast and succession of storm fronts during the winter. As far as I'm concerned the crappiest of SF days would be considered summertime by NW standards. Ha!

I'm still getting used to how quickly my bike handles, especially on the descents. There's not much mud so to speak on the trails, but in spots where it's thick and gooey my bike really bites into the earth without feeling like I'm losing control. I owe it to the grippy Racing Ralph tires, but they do tend to pack-up with mud easily, especially on muddy inclines. The type of mud here is almost clay-like. It didn't make coming home to clean myself off easy.

As I'm finishing this post the sun is still shining, blue skies stretching on as far as I can see. Timing is everything, but today I had no choice. Still felt great to go out for a ride.