Forest Park

20121123-185250.jpg On Thanksgiving morning I woke up pretty early to ride up into Forest Park, one the country's largest inner city park. We drove up to visit my family for the long weekend, hoping to squeeze in some old haunts as well as new territory to explore.

Growing up in Vancouver, WA there were only a few spots to ride. Forest Park was extremely challenging for me despite only being fire roads. It was the length and steepness of the trails that got to me. Now, having the fitness and experience, I can comfortably conquer the entirety of the park.

It was really cold, thankfully not rainy, but it was soupy once I get into the park. I rode up Fire Lane 1 and down Saltzman road before my Strava app decided to stop working. I got in a good 25 mile round trip ride before the feasting began. Not bad.