Power Time

It's that time of year where I hunker down and grind it out indoors on my trainer. I started the dreaded training block of doing power intervals. While the workouts are short they are very intense. It took me a while to get used to them a year ago, but now I find them to be kinda fun and rewarding. Sure, I could be out with my buddies shredding some sweet single track right now, but it's important for me to stay focused, especially as winter sets in.

My Tarmac SL4 is way more comfortable for these workouts than my trusty old IF. Right now my PowerTap G3 is sitting in the closet, gathering dust. I've got a new cassette on order, which I'll swap to my current wheel set, then use my old cassette on the G3 build. For now using my heart rate is enough to get by.