Open Weight

The other night I managed to cut down my rather long steering tube for a much cleaner and slightly lower riding profile. I also weighed the build, which comes in at a feathery 19lbs 1oz. Not bad considering I've got a 15mm front axle, X0 Trail brakes along with an X0 drivetrain. Despite the super light weight it feels way more solid than you'd expect, especially the front end. What's interesting is that the front end feels heavier than the rear.

All the lovely ENVE components brought even more stiffness and major style points. I just love the X0 GripShift and PushLoc combo. Such a clean and comfortable cockpit. I've ridden the bike now for four straight days, and from day one it felt like I've had it for years. Maybe it's due to the steeper head angle it just feels and handles like a 26" wheeled bike. Very responsive.