Saturday Sunshine

Finally found the time to put in a good ride this week. It was going to be gorgeous outside, and I wanted to get as much in before my day got busy. I rode through the Headlands, putting in 32 miles, and climbing 4k while viewing the Pacific Ocean and Mt. Tam in the distance.

I rolled out around 7am, just as the sun was beginning to rise. It was a bit chilly at the start. I had a vest on to keep warm, and to modulate my body temperature in case it got too warm. The temperature can vary by a lot depending on where you go. It's usually cooler on the other side of the Headlands, where the colder sea air is trapped in the valley below.

It felt great to be out, alone with my thoughts, or lack thereof. Just being able to clear my head after a rough week of work. I needed to hit the dirt, rather than road. It's more peaceful when you're not battling it out with traffic or other riders. I didn't push my pace too hard. I've been listening to my body, and lately it's saying I need more rest. After a couple of days of not riding too hard I begin to feel sluggish.

I love watching the sun creep up and over the hills. Some of the best lighting for photography. I love shots like this that are simple and somewhat graphic.

On my way back I ran into my friends blazing down the trail, nearly getting plowed, but it was cool to see them in force. There must have been at least 15 riders strong. I wanted to join them, but had other plans, and they had an ambitious route planned. After this morning I feel good again, and hope this great weather holds out for a while.