Closed Off

I managed to turn in early last night, and got a good ride in the early morning. It felt like I was the only brave soul out on the wet roads. Halfway up Hawk Hill in Headlands I crossed paths with a couple of cycle-crossers coming up from a trail. I was on my road bike, heading up to the top, but the gates leading to the top of the climb were closed off. I asked the guys why they were closed. They said it happens every so often, but I should be good to go. They also added that the only person not allowed beyond those gates was Lance Armstrong. Funny.

It's been rather chilly and wet in the wee morning hours of San Francisco. I'm fully prepared for deep winter riding after spending all last year riding in the bitter cold of New York. It was nice to put on some slightly warmer layers.

I'm slowly coming out of my shell of work induced stress. It's been a rough week where I've been finding it difficult to find the time to de-stress by regular rides. It's been rough just finding the motivation and inspiration to get on the bike for that matter. It's just so dark, cold and rainy when I do find the time.