Burnin' Up

Did some desert exploration today. I road part of the Tour de Palm Springs route, which took me along a wind farm and straight into the desert. It was pretty much a ghost town for most of the way, the quiet solitude I was searching for after we arrived at the hotel last night from a long day of driving.

Palm Springs is nestled against some pretty serious looking mountains. I tried finding a route through them, but haven't found anything close enough. We may drive to Joshua Tree and explore the park by bike if it doesn't get too hot.

There are miles and miles of empty roads just like this. I passed four riders going the opposite direction and two cars. Not too much climbing to be had, and the roads are as straight as an arrow. I was able to see the entire loop from just about any point on my ride, except for when I rode through a canyon-like series of rolling hills, flanked by power lines.

I really put the hammer down, averaging 20 miles an hour over the 45 mile ride in the near 90º heat. When got back to our room I was encrusted in evaporated salt. A quick rinse in the shower, and I'm off to the pool and lunch. Gotta love vacation.