The Dawn Patrol is Growing

6:15am wakeup call. I'm out the door and it's still incredibly dark. I turn on my red blinky light and start spinning faster than normal to keep warm. It's Tuesday early morning, and I'm on my way to meet the weekly Marin Headlands dawn patrol. It normally consists of three riders, myself included, but this morning there were six of us.

During our wait for the last rider to show up we started chatting about Leadville times. This sparked an all-out freight train across the bridge and up Hawk Hill. I barely hung onto the wheel in front of me. I barley had legs to keep me going having ridden hard all week and not enough recovery. Excuses aside, I pushed hard.

The sun is starting to come out to help show us the way.

The ride started out with clear skies, but by the time we came around the backside of our loop we were given a foggy surprise. It just came in out of nowhere. Rather than 'risk' getting lost or crashing off trail we decided to take the safer and slightly less-legal way down. I won't go into detail, but all I can say is that it was FUN.