The Last Push (Part 1)

I started my weekend with a nice ride with my wife down the Great Highway and back. It was her first real ride on her new Specialized Amira, as well as her first time riding on clip less pedals. She did really well! I was also testing out some new Speedplay Zero's along with a new set of road shoes.

Later in the afternoon I went out again and put in a good ride around the Marin Headlands. Despite not feeling fully recovered from my race last weekend I managed to put in a strong effort, besting my last time around Coyote Ridge.

This weekend will be my last block of strong training before I head out to Colorado. I'll spend the rest of the coming week doing easier rides, ramping up to some bigger ones once I get to Breckenridge. It's important that I feel rested going into high altitude. I'm not sure how it'll affect me, but I want to ease into it.

My bike is pretty much set up to perfection for Leadville. I've got the perfect tires, optimal suspension setup, controls dialed in and drivetrain in working order. However, anything can happen, but I'll be fully stocked and prepared for anything that may go wrong.