Clear Skies

The sun finally came out to play. I rode down the Great Highway to Fort Funston and back. I found it hard to jump on the bike and spin for an hour, especially after a hard and stressful week of work. I hate feeling drained after a day of just sitting in front of a screen. All week I've tried to get up early to do my morning ride, but I've hit the snooze button every time. The weather hasn't been all too inspiring this week either, but with the days getting shorter and shorter its important for me to continue to rise early.

My Powertap G3 was giving me some weird numbers, but I wasn't sure if something was wrong with that or my Garmin. On a number of occasions it would completely stop displaying wattage or spit out something totally off. I had to stop and recalibrate, but I'm hoping that it's just the battery. Luckily the new design makes it more serviceable, granted you still have to send it back to the manufacturer. At this point I don't need to track my wattage output given I'm so close to the Leadville races.