Mount St. Helena

I did a long and epic ride through the mountains of Napa Valley. I started out in St. Helena, where my aunt and uncle in-laws live, and made my way up to their vineyard in Calistoga. I turned on to Old Toll Road, which is adjacent to the vineyard, and climbed up the steep and twisty road halfway up Mount. St. Helena. My goal was to gain over 10,000' over a 100 miles, but it was way too hot, so I cut it down to 60 and gained over 4,000'. Not bad considering the temperature was well into the 90's.

On my way up Mount St. Helena I spotted the ridge line I rode the last time I was in Napa.

Just some beautiful landscape along the way. I've always wanted to tour a countryside like this.

He seemed surprised to see me.

Passed by a famous hub-cap graveyard. Yep.