San Bruno Mountain

Spent my Thursday evening battling the wind and fog on my way up San Bruno Mountain just south of San Francisco. The summit sits at just over 1,200', making it the highest point on the peninsula. Hardly a soul in sight. Towards the top the wind was whipping the fog through my layers, making it feel like I was back in New York, toughing it out in the winter.

I was half anticipating a gorgeous view of the valley below, but what I got was even more dense fog. The ride down was pretty scary. The wind was so strong it nearly blew me off the road. The fog made it hard to see around the cliff bends.

The ride home from the mountain felt long. It was foggy nearly the entire way. I rode up the coastline and cut through Golden Gate Park, and stopped for a burrito before I got home because I was completely spent. It's was an incredible ride, though, having a mountain peak above a thousand feet less than ten miles away. I can't wait for the next clear and sunny day to see what I really missed at the top.