Dawn Patrol

What a great morning for riding. I went out with a few friends early in the morning. We meet at the bridge at 6:15am on the dot on Tuesday and sometimes Thursdays for a loop around the Headlands. We all felt like cruising rather than hammering, which was perfect for me. I ended up puncturing my rear tire on something, but thankfully Stan's sealant and a borrowed pump saved the day. I'm learning more and more how to roost all the gravel turns on the descents, setting a personal record down the backside.

Quite possibly one of the best morning rides I've done, weather-wise, in a long time. The sky was clear, no wind and not too cold. I met some new riders in our group, one of which works at Strava. It's always hard to get myself out of bed before 6:00am, but I usually don't regret it once I make it to the top. The rest of my day goes well, too because of it. There's something about moving around in the morning to really wake up and stay energized.