Wow. On our last day in Napa I rode the Oat Hill trail in Calistoga. Quite simply the burliest trail I've ridden on in a long long time. The photo above is so deceiving. This is just the halfway point up a 3,000' climb. The rocky insanity looms just ahead.

The photo doesn't do the trail justice. It's littered with cantaloupe sized rocks, solid rock drop-offs, off-camber run-offs, and slick-rock goodness. It was wild. I encountered a few trail users, but they all looked at me like I was crazy for riding the trail. On my way back I came across a few hardcore riders just starting their ascent.

The view from the top is absolutely gorgeous. You can probably see the vineyard we were at just the other day. However, on the other side of the Palisades it's all rocky wilderness. I thought I was going to get eaten by a bear or something it was that wild. The trail conditions got so rough I dialed back my suspension for a fully squishy ride. My hands were so numb, hanging on for dear life as I carved my way down the mountain. I did the ride so fast I set a new record for the entire out-and-back adventure.