Redemption Ride

Today I rode 50 miles through the Headlands and Muir Woods, with an elevation gain of 7,500' over four hours. I had so much untapped energy left in my legs after having not finished my race yesterday. It was beautiful out, dashing in and out of fog and a massive headwind. It felt great to do a long and somewhat leisurely paced ride, without the stress of competition or injury.

The long climb up Coyote Ridge. Not too many riders out, but I did run into my friend Steve on my way up.

At the top of Coyote Ridge. It's cool to see the fog being funneled into the city.

Overlooking Dias Ridge and Muir Woods. The latter half of my ride will take me out to the furthest point of the photo on the right and wind its way to the left before dipping down into the valley below, followed by the  long climb up Dias Ridge.

Finally got the chance to ride down the Coastal View Trail. I dreamed of riding it after seeing this video months ago before moving to San Francisco. It's fast and fun. It has one incredible view of the Pacific Ocean.