Skyline Park Mountain Bike Race

I've decided to do the Skyline Park Mountain Bike Race this coming weekend. I only found out about last week through a friend, right before doing the SoNoMas race. You may think I'm a bit nuts for doing another race so soon afterwards, but I think they're a lot of fun and a great way to train for Leadville. I learn more about myself with each race I do. Plus I decided to forego the Wilmington Whiteface Leadville qualifier in New York the following weekend. Too much traveling and not enough planning.

The course takes place on trails that have hosted UCI World Cup races in Napa. It's not quite as grueling as SoNoMas with three laps of eight miles. This time my wife will be able to see me in action as well as help me out with any nutritional/technical needs as well as moral support. Not sure what the elevation gain is, but I imagine it won't be too easy, but that's the edge I'm counting on. Now just waiting on my new tires to arrive so I can make the swap before the race.