Back on the Trainer, Again

Today was my first day back on my CycleOps trainer. I haven't been using it in over a month. Rightly so since I just moved out to one of the best cycling cities in the country. There have been no shortages of good roads and trails to ride. However, there's nothing quite like the disciplined nature of doing intervals, watching your average wattage go up and down, keeping your heart rate zone in check, and seeing how long I can keep a high cadence. Yep, I'm fully wired to my bike. Most of the time it's painful and boring, but the amount of fitness I get in return is worth it to me, especially it being my first Leadville year. I'm also optimizing my week prior to my race this weekend in Sonoma, CA. I want to go in with the best fitness I've got as well as being well hydrated and well rested. My goal is to maintain a sense of balance between having fun out on the trails while seeing my fitness improve.