Training Away From Home

So I'm in LA for work, which is great because I always love sunshine, but it sucks because I don't have a bike to ride other than what's at the hotel. Unfortunately for me it's a seated stationary bike. It's in a standard hotel gym, equipped with TV sets attached. I've never been a gym person, and probably will never be, but the only alternative I have to training is running, something I'm still getting used to.

What am I training for you ask? Well, in general it's the 2012 mountain bike racing season, but the race I'm aiming for is the infamous Leadville 100 in Leadville, CO, part of the Leadville 100 Race Series. It's probably one of the toughest single day endurance races in the world. It's 100 miles of cross-country trails and fire roads at 10,152 ft elevation with roughly 14,000 ft of total climbing. Lance won it, and so did Leipheimer, both Tour de France stage racers, but I'm not Lance, or Levi, or anyone near thier caliber of cycling. I am, however, determined to do it under 8 hours (the pros can do it in 7 hours or less).

Not too long ago I entered a lottery for a package deal for discounted online coaching with Carmichael Training Systems, as well as guaranteed entry to the Leadville 100. Normally you'd have to qualify by finishing in the high percentile of your respective class of an official Leadville qualifying race. Chris Carmichael was Lance Armstrong's coach for many years, and has pioneered a unique method for training all levels of endurance athletes. I'm about a month into the program and it's tough to say the least. Luckily I have a pretty decent cycling base to work from as well as a dedicated coach who helps me plan my workouts, day by day.

So as I spin in place and stare out the window I keep in mind that it'll pay off come this August.