Race Rig Recap

I did an event and race recap already, but feel the need to do a briefing on the race rig itself. My Epic 29er performed flawlessly the Sea Otter Classic. I dialed in both ends of the Brain for full firm, giving me the stiffest pedaling platform available. It handled really well considering the amount of climbing and speed involved on the course. There were even a few downhills that had me rattled at the bottom, but the Brain opened up and transitioned from stiff to plush smoothly. I couldn't imagine doing that race on a hardtail.

My only concern was the amount of grip the S-Works Renegade provided in the front. I think having the Fast Trak would have been the better choice given the sandy, loamy terrain.

It wasn't at all surprised to see the amount of Epics on the course, mostly S-Works models. It was hands down the perfect bike for this course.