The Headlands

Just finished my first ride through the Marin Headlands. It's pretty much everything I expected and more. What really surprised me was the amount of climbing there was. They were real gut busters. My legs were able to cope with it, and I just kept telling myself to embrace my inner mountain goat.

With each hill crest there was the reward of breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline. I never thought I'd get to live in such a beautiful city with an equally fun and challenging back yard. Perfect training grounds for the Leadville 100.

The majority of the trails were on fire roads with a few sections of fun single track. I covered two of the major loops. Because it was a Saturday there were a ton of hikers, but I didn't mind slowing it down a bit. Because I'm so used to the gnarly technical trails of the Northeast it felt like I was riding on pavement. I have the perfect bike and setup for these conditions.

I believe the city below is Sausalito.