Flying Friday

Perfect riding weather in New York today, topping out at 75º. I went out early to Bethpage/Stillwell via Long Island Rail Road. Trail conditions were absolutely perfect for catching some speed. So fast in fact I had the best lap around Stillwell Woods ever, racking up four KOM's (King of the Mountains). I'm fairly certain my standings won't hold very long as the weather gets better and better. There are so many fast guys in the area. Just a few hours after my run I was bested in two sections and nearly swiped of my ranking, granted I had ridden longer prior to the Stillwell loop.

It's fun to compare my times and heart rate zones from almost a year ago. It shows that all my hard work is paying off. The true test will come the next weekend in my first race of the season.

[UPDATE] That was fast, or should I say someone else was faster. Not even a day later someone rips into the Stillwell lap, setting a blistering pace. Damn. Guess I'll be heading back to challenge it. Gotta love Strava. It's like racing anytime against anyone.